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Club competition proposals

A discussion document aimed at restructuring the local club calendar and competitions has been circulated to Meath clubs.

A club forum will be held in Dunganny on September 19 at 7.30pm with captains from all clubs invited to attend a Players forum September 26.

If these recommendations receive the green light, those behind them claim a Fixture Calendar can be drafted in January with every football and hurling fixture allocated by week or weekend for the year, allowing coaches to plan and addressing a key player demand – a Fixed Calendar.

Under the proposals, clubs will have access to county players for three games in April and four more if Meath do not reach league final and/or Super 8. The county panel would still train together during this period.

All opinions/ideas that come up at the Club and Players forums will be given consideration and it is hoped that regulation changes will then be put on the agenda for the County convention at the end of the year.

You can read the discussion document in full by clicking here



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