Carnaross GAA Club, Co. Meath - A82 DW01

2016 A League Division 3

Team played won drawn lost FOR AGAINST difference points
Syddan 11 10 0 1 208 121 87 20
Dunderry 11 8 1 2 156 121 35 17
Curraha 11 8 0 3 205 129 76 16
Bective 11 7 0 4 172 151 21 14
Oldcastle 11 6 1 4 190 159 31 13
St Brigid’s 11 6 0 5 125 141 -16 12
Clann na nGael 11 4 3 4 151 171 -20 11
Dunsany 11 4 0 7 125 162 -37 8
Carnaross 11 3 0 8 134 165 -31 6
Kilmainham 11 3 0 8 127 165 -38 6
Cortown 11 2 1 8 107 165 -58 5
Drumconrath 11 2 0 9 103 153 -50 4

Carnaross 1-8 St. Brigid’s 2-9

A League (Division 3)

Played in Moylagh – 14/2/2016

An impressive opening twenty minutes from St. Brigid’s which gave them a nine point lead proved too much of a deficit for Carnaross to overcome in their first outing of the year.

After Carnaross had their Round 1 fixture postponed, the advantage of having a game played was evident for St. Brigid’s as they hit the ground running as Carnaross struggled to get up to the pace of the game. By the twentieth minute they had opened up a 2-4 to 0-1 lead with the Carnaross point coming from captain Cillian Comaskey from a paced ball. Carnaross steadied the ship for the remainder of the half and outscored St. Brigid’s 0-2 to 0-1 in the closing stages with Cillian Comaskey and Liam Brogan hitting the target leaving the Ballinacree men with a deserved 2-5 to 0-3 lead at the break.

St. Brigid’s added a point straight from the throw-in but then found themselves a man down after a second yellow card. Shane Casserly pointed for Carnaross before John L McGee chipped in to leave Carnaross trailing by seven points with twenty minutes remaining. A goal from John L McGee midway through the half was quickly followed by a Cillian Comaskey free leaving just three points between the sides. St Brigid’s registered their second point of the half before Carnaross continued to pile on the pressure with a point each from John L McGee and Cillian Comaskey leaving just two in it. However, this was as close as Carnaross could get as St Brigids added two late points in added time to seal the victory.

Carnaross: Shane McNiffe; Peter Carpenter, Ian Donoghue, Cian Gillic; Thomas Nugent, Michael Brogan, Liam Brogan (0-1); Tomás Plunkett, Dermot McGee; Cillian Comaskey (0-4), Peter S Farrelly, Stephen Flattery; Paul Donoghue, Colm McDonagh, Shane Casserly (0-1); Subs: Patrick Nugent for Stephen Flattery; John L McGee (1-2) for Colm McDonagh; Niall McDonnell for Paul Donoghue; Peter Mullan for Shane Casserly; Dean Connell for Peter S Farrelly;

Carnaross 0-6 Bective 3-13

A League (Division 3)

Played in Bective – 5/3/2016

Carnaross suffered a heavy defeat away to an impressive Bective side who inflicted most of the damage in the opening period.

Bective opened the scoring in the first minute with a point before Carnaross captain Cillian Comaskey levelled matters in the next attack. Carnaross suffered a blow in the third minute when the home side found the net and they quickly followed up with a point to race four ahead. The sides exchanged two points each with Charles Brogan and Cillian Comaskey pointing for Carnaross. However, the second quarter belonged to Bective as they reeled off 1-5 before the break while Carnaross only added one point from Cillian Comaskey to leave Bective with a 2-9 to 0-4 half-time lead.

Carnaross made plenty of positional changes at half-time and this resulted in an improved performance in the second period. Peter Mullan scored directly from the restart before Bective added two frees. Paddy Nugent added a fine point from play for Carnaross before Ollie Murphy was denied a goal midway through the half following a smart save from the Bective keeper. This was as close as Carnaross got to the hosts as Bective added another 1-2 in the closing ten minutes.

Carnaross: Shane McNiffe; Cian Gillic, Patrick Nugent (0-1), Ian Donoghue; Thomas Nugent, Michael Brogan, Liam Brogan; Peter Mullan (0-1), Tomás Plunkett; Cillian Comaskey (0-3, 1f), Charles Brogan (0-1), Shane Casserly; Conor Kenny, Paul Donoghue, Dean Connell; Subs: Peter S Farrelly for Conor Kenny; John Plunkett for Charles Brogan; Matthew O’Reilly for Tomás Plunkett; Ollie Murphy for Peter Mullan;

Carnaross 1-4 Syddan 1-13

A League (Division 3)

Played in Carnaross – 20/3/2016

Carnaross are still searching for their first win of the year after a nine point defeat at home to Syddan.

Syddan were quickest out of the traps and three points in the opening four minutes gave them an early lead which they would hold on to for the rest of the game. Paul Donoghue opened the Carnaross account with a converted free in the fifth minute. Syddan added another point before Paul Donoghue replied with another free for Carnaross. This would prove to be the final score of the half for Carnaross as Syddan went on to add four more points before the break and could have been further ahead but for a timely goal line clearance from Ian Donoghue while another effort came back off the crossbar on the stroke of half-time. Syddan held a 0-8 to 0-2 lead at the interval.

In a repeat of the first-half, Syddan registered three unanswered points in the first five minutes to extend their advantage to nine points. However, the scores dried up for both sides for the next twenty minutes as Carnaross outscored the visitors by two points to one with Paul Donoghue and Michael Brogan hitting the target. With five minutes remaining Syddan hit the game’s opening goal. Carnaross replied at the other end when Paul Donoghue reacted quickest to finish Charles Brogan’s long pass to the net from close range. Another point from Syddan brought the scoring to an end.

Carnaross: Shane McNiffe; Ian Donoghue, Charles Brogan, Peter Carpenter; Shane Casserly, Thomas Nugent, Peter S. Farrelly; Liam Brogan, Tomás Plunkett; Cian Gillic, Stephen Flattery, Peter Mullan; Dean Connell, Michael Brogan (0-1), Paul Donoghue (1-3, 3f); Subs: John Plunkett for Peter Mullan; Niall McDonnell for Dean Connell; Conor Kenny for Shane McNiffe; Blaine Lynch for Peter S Farrelly; Richard Mulvey for Stephen Flattery; Peter Mullan for Thomas Nugent;

Carnaross 0-8 Drumconrath 1-7

A League (Division 3)

Played in Carnaross – 26/3/2016

A late Drumconrath goal denied Carnaross their first win in the A League following a tough battle on a blustery Easter Saturday where the sides were level on six occasions over the hour.

Carnaross took an early lead with a point apiece from Cillian Comaskey and Paul Donoghue inside the first four minutes. Drumconrath settled and scored three points in a row to take the lead twelve minutes before the break. Michael Brogan fisted over for the home side but Drumconrath restored their lead from a free. Cillian Comaskey levelled matters with a free before he combined with keeper Shane McNiffe at the opposite end to deny Drumconrath a goal before the half-time whistle, leaving the sides level at 0-4 each.

Drumconrath had a player sent off for striking in the early stages of the second-half but the numerical advantage didn’t last long as Carnaross lost Stephen Flattery to a second yellow moments later. Niall McDonnell put Carnaross in front but Drumconrath converted two frees to take a one point lead. Shane McNiffe pulled off a fine save midway through the half and the sides were level when Paul Donoghue converted a free at the other end. Niall McDonnell put the home side ahead but once again Drumconrath equalised. The sides remained level until Niall McDonnell pointed again with two minutes remaining. However, when Drumconrath took a long free in the last minute the Carnaross defence failed to deal with it as a Drumconrath boot poked the loose ball to the net to win it at the death.

Carnaross: Shane McNiffe; Ian Donoghue, Charles Brogan, Peter Carpenter; Shane Casserly, Thomas Nugent, Liam Brogan; Tomás Plunkett, Cillian Comaskey (0-2, 1f); Cian Gillic, Niall McDonnell (0-3, 1f), Peter Mullan; Stephen Flattery, Michael Brogan (0-1), Paul Donoghue (0-2, 2f); Subs: Patrick Nugent for Peter Mullan; Dean Connell for Ian Donoghue; Richard Mulvey for Paul Donoghue;

Carnaross 1-8 Curraha 2-14

A League (Division 3)

Played in Curraha – 27/4/2016

Carnaross are still seeking their first A League win after another defeat away to Curraha.

The home side got off to a perfect start with a goal in their first attack and they went on to extend their lead to five points with two more points in quick succession. Cillian Comaskey converted a free to get Carnaross off the mark but Curraha went on to extend their lead once more with another brace of points. A point apiece for Ollie Murphy and Peter Mullan narrowed the margin for Carnaross but once again Curraha had an immediate response, hitting 1-1 in the space of a minute. Carnaross kept plugging away and went on to add three points from Stephen Flattery, Cillian Comaskey and Paul Donoghue. Two more points for Curraha gave them a 2-7 to 0-6 half-time lead.

Curraha got the first point after the restart and Carnaross tried their best to get back into contention but they spurned many early chances while Conor Kenny’s goal attempt came back off the crossbar. The sides exchanged two points each with wing back Liam Brogan landing two points for Carnaross. With twelve minutes remaining Curraha took control of the game and went on to score four unanswered points. Michael Brogan found the net for Carnaross before Curraha landed the final score late in added time to bring proceedings to an end.

Carnaross: Shane McNiffe; Ian Donoghue, Thomas Nugent, Peter Carpenter; Cian Gillic, Charles Brogan, Liam Borgan (0-2); Tomás Plunkett, Michael Brogan (1-0); Paul Donoghue (0-1), Stephen Flattery (0-1), Cillian Comaskey (0-2, 2f); Peter Mullan (0-1), Conor Kenny, Ollie Murphy (0-1); Subs: Brian Comaskey for Conor Kenny; Matthew O’Reilly for Ollie Murphy;

Carnaross 2-10 Oldcastle 1-18

A League (Division 3)

Played in Carnaross – 30/4/2016

Carnaross suffered a sixth League defeat when they were beaten by five points after a tough encounter with Oldcastle.

Carnaross got off to a bright start with points by Stephen Flattery and Niall McDonnell in the first two attacks but Oldcastle quickly hit back and four unanswered points gave them a two point lead after eight minutes. Carnaross continued to press and Niall McDonnell split the posts again before he was well picked out by Tomás Plunkett in the thirteenth minutes and made no mistake firing low past the keeper to put his side back in front. However, this proved to be the final score of the half for Carnaross as Oldcastle went on to hit eight points without reply to take a 0-12 to 1-3 half-time lead.

Paul Donoghue converted two frees for Carnaross after the restart but they were cancelled out by two Oldcastle points at the other end. Donoghue was then very unlucky not to have a goal when his attempt struck the post and went wide. This miss was punished three minutes later when Oldcastle were awarded a penalty. Conor Kenny made a good stop but couldn’t do anything about the rebound which was finished to the net. Both sides exchanged two points each with the Carnaross scores coming from Stephen Flattery and a Paul Donoghue free. Carnaross finished the game strong and Niall McDonnell perfectly executed a penalty and added a point in the next attack. Two more points from Paddy Nugent and Dean Connell reduced the margin further but Oldcastle kept the scoreboard ticking over with two points of their own. Carnaross had Thomas Nugent dismissed late in stoppage time before the final whistle sounded.

Carnaross: Conor Kenny; Ian Donoghue, Thomas Nugent, Peter Carpenter; Cian Gillic, Charles Brogan, Liam Borgan; Tomás Plunkett, Michael Brogan; Paul Donoghue (0-3, 3f), Stephen Flattery (0-2), Patrick Nugent (0-1); Dean Connell (0-1), Niall McDonnell (2-3, 1f), Peter S Farrelly; Subs: John Plunkett for Peter Carpenter (BC); Richard Mulvey for Dean Connell; Blaine Lynch for Peter S Farrelly;

Carnaross 0-7 Dunsany 1-9

A League (Division 3)

Played in Dunsany – 22/5/2016

The search for a first League win continues for Carnaross after yet another defeat, this time at the hands of Dunsany.

The opening exchanges were tight with both sides level on 0-2 each after seven minutes with Charles Brogan and John L McGee pointing for Carnaross. The home side went on to dominate for a period and opened up a four point advantage and could have been further ahead but for a good stop from Carnaross keeper Shane McNiffe. Carnaross finished the half well and two converted frees from Paul Donoghue left Dunsany with just a two point lead at half-time, 0-6 to 0-4.

Dunsany got the second-half off to the perfect start with a goal two minutes in. Dermot McGee pointed for Carnaross and was then very unlucky not to have a goal moments later when his effort came back off the post with the keeper beaten. Dunsany added another free before Carnaross reduced the margin further with two frees from John L McGee with ten minutes remaining. However, this was as close as they got to the home side who went on to add two more points to seal a five point win.

Carnaross: Shane McNiffe; Peter Carpenter, Peter S Farrelly, Liam Brogan; Ian Donoghue, Tomás Plunkett, Cian Gillic; Michael Brogan, Dermot McGee (0-1); Niall McDonnell, Charles Brogan (0-1), Cillian Comaskey; Paul Donoghue (0-2, 2f), John L McGee (0-3, 2f), Stephen Flattery; Subs: Brian Comaskey for Paul Donoghue; Stephen Dawson for Charles Brogan; Shane Casserly for Stephen Flattery;

Carnaross 2-12 Cortown 1-7

A League (Division 3)

Played in Cortown – 17/6/2016

Carnaross gained their first win in the A League with a well-deserved victory over Cortown.

Carnaross got out of the blocks quickly and were two points up after 5 minutes. However, Cortown drew level with the next two scores and went ahead when they scored a goal after 15 minutes. Carnaross finished the half strongly with points from Michael Brogan and John L McGee and a goal just on the stroke of half-time from Stephen Flattery, leaving the half-time score 1-5 to 1-3 in favour of Carnaross.

John L McGee got 3 points for Carnaross early in of the second half to increase their lead. However, Cortown fought back with points of their own to leave only 3 points in it with 5 minutes to go. Niall McDonnell then scored a wonderful point from out on the wing. John L McGee scored a penalty after he was brought down in the box and with further points from Niall McDonnell and John L McGee Carnaross went on to finish up eight point winners.

Carnaross: Conor Kenny; Stephen Flattery (1-0), Patrick Nugent, Cian Gillic; Tomás Plunkett, Ian Donoghue, Liam Brogan; Cillian Comaskey, Dermot McGee; Niall McDonnell (0-3), Brian Comaskey (0-1), Michael Brogan (0-1); Charles Brogan, John L McGee (1-7), Paul Donoghue; Sub: Oliver Murphy for Michael Brogan;

Carnaross 1-16 Kilmainham 0-11

A League (Division 3)

Played in Carnaross – 26/6/2016

Carnaross picked up their second win on the trot to give their survival hopes a huge boost with an eight point victory over neighbours Kilmainham.

The home side got off to a great start with three points in as many minutes from Niall McDonnell and John L McGee (2). Kilmainham landed their first point with a free in the seventh minute but John L McGee responded at the opposite end and could have put his side further ahead but his goal attempt went the wrong side of the post. Kilmainham went on to score the next three points to leave the sides level on 0-4 each but their cause was not helped when their full forward was shown a red card. Carnaross kicked on and when Charles Brogan found the net ten minutes before the break they never looked back. Further points from John L McGee (2), Dermot McGee, Cillian Comaskey and Tomás Plunkett gave them a comfortable 1-9 to 0-4 half-time lead.

Kilmainham battled to get back into the game in the early stages of the second-half with two points narrowing the margin to six points. However, Carnaross settled and went on to dominate proceedings and this was reflected on the scoreboard with five unanswered points coming from Dermot McGee (2), Niall McDonnell (2) and Charles Brogan. Kilmainham scored their first point for fifteen minutes but further points from Patrick Nugent and Niall McDonnell extended the Carnaross lead to twelve points with three minutes remaining. Kilmainham landed four late points in as many minutes but Carnaross had two valuable points long secured at this stage.

Carnaross: Conor Kenny; Peter Carpenter, Thomas Nugent, Liam Brogan; Cian Gillic, Ian Donoghue, Tomás Plunkett (0-1); Dermot McGee (0-3), Michael Brogan; Niall McDonnell (0-4), Brian Comaskey, Cillian Comaskey (0-1); Stephen Flattery, John L McGee (0-5, 1f), Charles Brogan (1-1); Subs: Patrick Nugent (0-1) for Stephen Flattery; Peter Mullan for Michael Brogan; Stephen Flattery for Brian Comaskey; Blaine Lynch for Cian Gillic;

Carnaross 1-6 Dunderry 1-16

A League (Division 3)

Played in Carnaross – 10/7/2016

A strong final third from Dunderry leaves Carnaross in the relegation zone with one game remaining.

Carnaross played against a strong wind in the opening period and after a solid performance would have been happy going in level at the break. Dunderry landed two early points to take the early advantage but two points within a minutes from Dermot McGee left it all square in the seventh minute. Dunderry pointed a free but Carnaross hit the front for the first time when Niall McDonnell scored the game’s opening goal. Dermot McGee added another point for Carnaross but Dunderry responded well and three points before the half-time whistle left the sides level at 1-3 to 0-6.

The first chance of the second-half fell to Frank O’Reilly after a fine pass from Peter Carpenter but his goal attempt was well kept out by the Dunderry keeper. Dermot McGee pointed the resulting ’45 before adding a free a minute later to give Carnaross a two point advantage. However, this proved to be the last score for the home side for twenty five minutes as Dunderry drew level before taking complete control of proceedings. They took a three point lead before adding a goal with seven minutes remaining. They hit another five points before the final whistle while the only response from Carnaross was a late free from Frank O’Reilly.

Carnaross: Shane McNiffe; Peter Carpenter, Thomas Nugent, Stephen Flattery; Tomás Plunkett, Ian Donoghue, Pierce Fleming; Dermot McGee (0-5, 1f), Liam Brogan; Niall McDonnell (1-0), Paul Donoghue, Michael Brogan; Frank O’Reilly (0-1f), Charles Brogan, John L McGee; Subs: Peter S Farrelly for Paul Donoghue; Ollie Murphy for John L McGee; Cian Yore for Pierce Fleming;

Carnaross 4-10 Clann na nGael 0-8

A League (Division 3)

Played in Athboy – 11/9/2016

Carnaross produced a final day Houdini act to avoid relegation having spent the whole campaign rooted to the bottom of the table. Going into the game Carnaross propped up the table and knew nothing other than a win would give them any hope of survival. As it transpired, results elsewhere also went in their favour meaning they also avoided the playoff spot finishing fourth from bottom.

Aided by a strong breeze in the first-half they got off to the perfect start racing four points clear thanks to Charles Brogan, Dermot McGee and a brace from Niall McDonnell. Their first goal arrived in the tenth minutes from Frank O’Reilly and was quickly followed by a free from Niall McDonnell. Clann na nGael opened their account in the fifteenth minute but Carnaross continued to dominate proceedings and went on to score another 2-2 without reply with Patrick Nugent and Charles Brogan finding the net. They could have had a fourth goal but Dermot McGee’s effort came back off the crossbar. Two late points from Clann na nGael brought the first-half to an end leaving Carnaross with a comfortable 3-7 to 0-3 lead.

The opening exchanges of a very scrappy second-half went in favour of the home side and three points in a row narrowed the margin to ten points at the three-quarter stage while Carnaross struggled to get on the scoreboard facing into the strong breeze. Stephen Flattery finally pointed for Carnaross before Tomás Plunkett added another moments later. Clann na nGael added two more points but Carnaross increased their tally with Patrick Nugent grabbing his second goal before a late point from Frank O’Reilly brought the scoring to an end resulting in Carnaross moving off the bottom of the table when it mattered most and retaining their Division 3 status for 2017.

Carnaross: Conor Kenny; Peter Carpenter, Thomas Nugent, Liam Brogan; Peter S. Farrelly, Tomás Plunkett (0-1), Ian Donoghue; Dermot McGee (0-2), Cillian Comaskey; Michael Brogan, Cian O’Reilly, Niall McDonnell (0-3, 2f); Charles Brogan (1-1), Patrick Nugent (2-0), Frank O’Reilly (1-2, 1f); Subs: Cian Gillic for Peter S. Farrelly; Peter Mullan for Cillian Comaskey; Stephen Flattery (0-1) for Michael Brogan; Paul Donoghue for Niall McDonnell; Brian Comaskey for Peter Carpenter; Shane Casserly for Charles Brogan;




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