Carnaross GAA Club, Co. Meath - A82 DW01

2008 Under-12

Carnaross 9-11 St. Marys 3-2

Carnaross 2-5 Syddan 4-5

Carnaross failed to overcome a strong Syddan side on a very wet evening. After only scoring one point in the first-half, positional changes at the break gave Carnaross much needed scores.

Carnaross: A.Lang, L.Peate, S.McEnroe, A.Carry, C.O’Reilly, C.Yore, S.Gillic, C.Carpenter, S.Carolan, M.Farrelly, L.Ward, C.McDonagh, R.O’Connor, J.Yore, D.Casserly.

Carnaross 6-8 Kilmainhamwood 2-5

Carnaross registered a big win over Kilmainhamwood in Carnaross. The home side got into the game early with some well taken scores. Best for the winners were Frank O’Reilly, Dylan Fox, Shane Carolan and Liam Day.

Carnaross 5-9 Castletown 1-6

Carnaross traveled to Castletown and returned successful. Shane McEnroe, Stephen Gillic, Brian O’Connor and Colm Carpenter done well for the winners.

Carnaross: L. Ward, B.O’Connor, C.Yore, C.McDonagh, G.Muldoon, C.O’Reilly, S.Gillic, C.Carpenter, S.Carolan, F.O’Reilly, S.McEnroe, D.Fox, M.Farrelly, A.Carry, L.Day.

Carnaross 1-3 Nobber 0-6

Carnaross played out a draw at home to Nobber in a low scoring match. Stephen Gillic, Cian O’Reilly, Dylan Fox and Shane Carolan done well for Carnaross.

Carnaross: L. Ward, C.McDonagh, B.O’Connor, S.Gillic, C.O’Reilly, A.Lynch, C.Carpenter, S.Carolan (0-3), D.Fox (1-0), S.McEnroe, F.O’Reilly, M.Farrelly, J.Yore, L.Day.