Carnaross GAA Club, Co. Meath - A82 DW01

2008 Under-14

St. Michaels 1-3 Carnaross 1-10

Under 14 (Division 2C)

Played in Carlanstown 8/3/2008

Carnaross got their Under-14 spring league off to the perfect start with a hard earned win over neighbours St.Michaels at Carlanstown. They produced a great all round team performance despite the poor weather conditions. Peter Carpenter, Michael Brogan, Pierce Fleming and Liam Ward were best for the winners.

Carnaross Team & Scorers: Kevin Ward, Paddy Dillon, Tomas Plunkett, Cian Yore, Shane McEnroe, Peter Carpenter, Liam Brogan, Michael Brogan (1-0), Pierce Fleming (0-1), Mark McDermott, Colm McDonagh (0-2), Liam Ward (0-3), HJ Muldoon (0-3), Colm Carpenter (0-1). Subs: Adam Bridge for Alex Carry; Jack Yore for Liam Ward; Ciaran McDonagh for Mark McDermott;

Blackhall Gaels 1-9 Carnaross 5-5

Under 14 (Division 2C)

Played in Kilcloon

Carnaross made the trip to Kilcloon for their second round game and came home with full points. Despite getting off to a slow start they held Blackhall Gaels to a draw at half-time. After the restart Carnaross took control of the centre of the field and with HJ Muldoon hitting the net four times they were heading for a great win. Peter Carpenter, Michael Brogan and HJ Muldoon put in strong performances for Carnaross.

Carnaross Team & Scorers: Kevin Ward, Paddy Dillon (0-1), Tomas Plunkett, Cian Yore, Shane McEnroe, Peter Carpenter, Liam Brogan, Michael Brogan (0-2), Pierce Fleming, Alex Carry, Colm McDonagh, Colm Carpenter, Liam Ward (1-0), HJ Muldoon (4-0), Mark McDermott (0-2).

Rathkenny 3-8 Carnaross 3-7

Under 14 (Division 2C)

Played in Rathkenny

Carnaross suffered their first defeat when going under to Rathkenny by the minimum margin. Carnaross won the toss and played with the wind in the first-half, leading by nine points at half time 3-6 to 1-3. However Rathkenny took advantage of the stronger wind in the second-half and came out winners by a point.

Carnaross Team & Scorers: Kevin Ward, Jack Yore, Tomas Plunkett, Cian Yore, Shane McEnroe, Peter Carpenter, Liam Brogan, Michael Brogan (0-2), Pierce Fleming, Paddy Dillon (1-0), Colm McDonagh (1-0), Colm Carpenter, Adam Bridge, HJ Muldoon (0-5), Mark McDermott (1-0). Subs: Alex Carry for Cian Yore; Liam Ward for Colm McDonagh;

North Meath / South Cavan League

The Cuchulainns club from Mullagh contacted clubs in the area with a view to holding a league for neighbouring clubs on the Meath/Cavan border. Ballinlough, Carnaross, Cuchulainns and Killinkere were the four teams to participate. The League was run on a home and away basis.

Carnaross 2-9 Killinkere 1-8

North Meath/South Cavan League

Round 1 - 17/5/2008

Killinkere got off to the better start and held a two point lead at the break. However, Carnaross took control in the second-half and ran out four point winners.

Carnaross: K.Ward, C.Yore, T.Plunkett, P.Dillon (0-2), S.McEnroe, P.Carpenter, L.Brogan (0-1), M.Brogan, P.Flemming, J.Yore, C.McDonagh, C.Carpenter (0-1), L.Ward, H.J.Muldoon (1-4), C.McDonagh (1-1):

Carnaross 3-9 Ballinlough 4-4

North Meath/South Cavan League

Round 2 – 21/5/2008

Carnaross led all the way to make it two wins from two. Michael Brogan, Thomás Plunkett, Mark McDermott and Pierce Flemming were best for the winners.

Carnaross: K.Ward, C.Yore, T.Plunkett, P.Dillon, S.McEnroe, P.Carpenter, L.Brogan (0-1), M.Brogan (1-3), J.Yore, C.McDonagh (1-1), C.Carpenter, L.Ward, H.J.Muldoon (0-3), M.McDermott (1-1): Subs: A.Bridge, A.Carry, C.McDonagh

Carnaross 0-3 Cuchulainns 6-11

North Meath/South Cavan League

Round 3 – 9/6/2008

Carnaross suffered from “jetlag” after the long trip to Mullagh to play Cuchulainns. That’s the only excuse we can come up with, end of report!!

Carnaross: K.Ward, C.Yore, L.Brogan, P.Flemming, S.McEnroe, P.Carpenter, A.Bridge, M.Brogan (0-1), C.McDonagh, J.Yore, P.Dillon (0-2), C.Carpenter, L.Ward, H.J.Muldoon, M.McDermott: Subs: A.Carry, C.McDonagh

Carnaross 1-10 Ballinlough 0-7

North Meath/South Cavan League

Round 4 – 14/6/2008

Carnaross enjoyed a comfortable win over Ballinlough in a hard fought game. Colm McDonagh led the way with 1-7 with Tomás Plunkett and Michael Brogan also doing well.

Carnaross: K.Ward, C.Yore, P.Carpenter, P.Dillon, S.McEnroe, T.Plunkett, L.Brogan, M.Brogan, P.Flemming (0-1), C.McDonagh, C.Carpenter (0-2), L.Ward, H.J.Muldoon, C.McDonagh (1-7);

Under-14 Summer Shield

Carnaross 4-10 St. Michaels 0-6

Summer Shield


Carnaross enjoyed a big win over neighbours St. Michaels in Carlanstown. It was a tight game until the introduction of sub Ciaran McDonagh who scored a goal with his first touch and then went on to be fouled twice to win two penalties which were both converted by Michael Brogan.

Carnaross: K.Ward, J.Yore, T.Plunkett, C.Yore, L.Brogan, C.McDonagh, S.McEnroe, M.Brogan (2-1), P.Carpenter, C.Carpenter, P.Flemming (0-4), P.Dillon (0-1), L.Ward, H.J.Muldoon (1-4), M.McDermott; Subs: A.Bridge, C.McDonagh (1-0)