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2010 Under-12

Carnaross 3-15 Oldcastle 3-8


Played in Carnaross - 12/4/2010

Carnaross met Oldcastle in the first round of the Under-12 League in Carnaross. They controlled the game right from the start and led by five points at half-time, 1-10 to 1-5. Stephen Gillic, Liam Day, Frank O’Reilly and Cian O’Reilly all contributed great performances.

Carnaross: B O’Connor, J Roche, C McDonagh, P O’Connor, P Smith, S Gillic, G Muldoon (0-1), A Lynch (0-1), C O’Reilly (0-2), P McDermott (1-2), F O’Reilly (1-3), J Wyse, T Carpenter (0-1), L Day (1-3), J Brogan (0-3); Subs: P Smith, D Kellett.

Moynalvey 2-9 Carnaross 8-11


Played in Moynalvey - 14/4/2010

Carnaross travelled to Moynalvey for their second league game in three days and recorded an emphatic win. A stong Moynalvey team controlled the first ten minutes scoring four unanswered points but Carnaross settled and started to work as a team.  After playing some great football, Carnaross led 4-4 to 0-7 at half-time.  Brian O’Connor was very solid in the backs. A great battle ensued between Stephen Gillic and Hugh O’Sullivan from Moynalvey with Stephen proving the winner. Aidan Lynch and Cian O’Reilly controlled centre field with Frank O’Reilly delivering some great ball into the forwards all of whom scored.

Carnaross: P Smith, J Roche, C McDonagh, B O’Connor, P Smith, S Gillic (0-1), G Muldoon (1-0), A Lynch, C O’Reilly (0-2), P McDermott (1-2), F O’Reilly (1-3), J Wyse, T Carpenter (3-0), L Day (2-0), J Brogan (0-3); Subs: P O’Connor for J Roche; D Kellett for P Smith; C Sheridan for J Wyse;

Carnaross 5-6 Ballivor 3-15


Played in Carnaross - 21/4/2010

A weakened Carnaross squad had a hard task to try and control a very strong Ballivor side. With well taken scores from Frank O’Reilly, Patrick McDermott, John Brogan, Liam Day, Aidan Lynch and goalie Peter Smith making some great saves they still trailed at half time by four points.  In the second-half Carnaross upped their game and managed to come from eight points down to within one point of Ballivor with Frank O’Reilly finding the net twice and John Brogan once along with points coming from Tom Carpenter and Patrick McDermott. However a late Ballivor surge left the homeside losing by three points.

Carnaross: P Smith, B O’Connor, C McDonagh, P O’Connor, J Wyse, S Gillic, G Muldoon, A Lynch (0-1), F O’Reilly (2-1), P Smith, L Day (0-1), T Carpenter (0-1), J Roche, P McDermott (2-1), J Brogan (1-1); Subs: D Kellett, C Sheridan, C O’Reilly (injured).

Carnaross 6-18 Blackhall Gaels 3-4


Played in Carnaross - 28/4/2010

Carnaross proved too strong for Blackhall Gaels as reflected by the above scoreline in this one sided affair. They dominated from start to finish with Stephen Gillic and Aidan Lynch taking full controll of the game. At half time Carnaross had a score of 6-4 on the board to Blackhall’s 1-2.

In the second half Carnaross then went on to score 14 points in the second half at their ease.

Carnaross: C O’Reilly, P O’Connor, B O’Connor, J Wyse, G Muldoon (0-1), C McDonagh (0-1), P Smith, A Lynch (1-2), S Gillic (0-2), P McDermott (0-3), F O’Reilly (1-2), T Carpenter (1-1),  J Brogan (0-4), L Day (1-2), J Roche (2-0). Subs: D Kellett for T Carpenter; C Sheridan for P O’Connor; P Smith.

Carnaross 9-22 St. Michaels 2-11


Played in Carlanstown - 5/5/2010

Carnaross played St Michaels in the fifth round of their U-12 league and came away with an emphatic win. This was the first game in which they had their full team out with the return of Dillon Fox to centre field and Cian O’Reilly to full back following injury. This amazing team just knocked St Michaels for six leading at half time 2-15 to 1-3 with excellent scores from the forwards. In the second half with Dillon Fox, Aidan Lynch and Frank O’Reilly supplying great ball to the forwards it led to an avalanche of goals with substitute Patrick Smith finding the net four times.

Carnaross: P Smith, B O’Connor, C O’Reilly, J Wyse, J Roche (1-0), S Gillic, G Muldoon, A Lynch (0-2), D Fox (0-4), P McDermott (0-3), F O’Reilly (0-2), C McDonagh (0-1), J Brogan (2-5), L Day (1-0) T Carpenter (1-3). Subs: P Smith (4-2) for T Carpenter; C Sheridan for L Day; P O’Connor for P McDermott;

Carnaross 4-9 Clann na nGael 1-4



Carnaross 4-13 Oldcastle 1-7

Under-12 Semi-Final

Played in Carnaross - 2/6/2010

Having home advantage Carnaross put in a sterling team performance to overcome a valiant Oldcastle side to qualify for the Under-12 Division 3 Final. Carnaross hit the ground running with John Brogan scoring four points and Liam Day two points before Oldcastle registered a score. The scores kept coming from Carnaross with Dillon Fox sending across a fine point from centre field, Tom Carpenter scoring (1-1) and with Frank O’Reilly also finding the net Carnaross led 2-8 to Oldcastle’s 0-3 at half time.

In the second half they continued their scoring ways with Frank O’Reilly scoring (2-1), John Brogan three points and Patrick McDermott a point. Jack Wyse, Cian O’Reilly and Stephen Gillic were to the fore in defence, Aidan Lynch and Dillon Fox excelled at midfield with their great delivery of ball to the forwards where Frank O Reilly, Liam Day and John Brogan made great use of the ball.

Carnaross: P Smith, B O’Connor, C O’Reilly, J Wyse, C McDonagh, S Gillic, G Muldoon,  A Lynch, D Fox (0-1), P McDermott (0-1), F O’Reilly (3-1), T Carpenter (1-1), J Brogan (0-7), L Day (0-2), J Roche. Subs: P Smith for J Roche; P O’Connor for P McDermott; D Kellett for T Carpenter; C Sheridan for G Muldoon; J Roche for J Brogan;

Carnaross 1-5 Ballivor 1-8

Under-12 Final

Played in Páirc Tailteann - 11/6/2010

Going into the game Carnaross knew it was going to be a tough game as Ballivor were the only team to have beaten them between Under-10 and Under-12 leagues. Frank O'Reilly opened the scoring with a long range point from a free. This was followed by a superb point from Patrick McDermott. Liam Day then added 1-1 to leave the half time score 1-3 to 0-4 in favour of Carnaross.

In the second half the wind had a big effect on the game with both sides registering a lot of wides. John Brogan scored a point from a free and Patrick McDermott added a further point. However Ballivor got a lucky break and netted a goal. This was the turning point in the game as Ballivor went on and scored four unanswered points.

Best for Carnaross were Ciaran McDonagh, Cian O'Reilly, Aidan Lynch, Dillon Fox and Liam Day.

Carnaross: P.Smith, B.O'Connor, C.O'Reilly, J.Wyse, C.McDonagh, S.Gillic, G.Muldoon, A Lynch, D Fox, P McDermott (0-2), F O’Reilly (0-1), T Carpenter, J Roche, L Day (1-1), J Brogan (0-1).Subs: Patrick Smith for J Roche; D Kellett. C Sheridan. P O’Connor.




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