Carnaross GAA Club, Co. Meath - A82 DW01

2010 Under-14

Carnaross 3-17 North Meath Gaels 2-3



The Carnaross Under-14 team started the Leaugue with a great win over North Meath Gaels. Dominating from the beginning, Alex Carry and Colm Carpenter held centre field with Stephen Gillic, Ciaran McDonagh and Cian Yore controlling the backs and great scores from Liam Day and David Casserly.  In the second-half Liam Ward went into goals and goalie Jack Yore went in full forward contributing a goal and two points.

Carnaross: Jack Yore (1-2), Lee Peate, Cian Yore, Ciaran McDonagh (0-1), Aidan Lynch, Stephen Gillic, Garrett Muldoon (0-1), Alex Carry (0-3), Colm Carpenter (0-2), Frank O’Reilly (0-2), Shane McEnroe (0-2), Liam Day (2-1), Michael Farrelly, Liam Ward (0-1), David Casserly (0-2); Subs: John Brogan for David Casserly; David Kellett for Garrett Muldoon;



Carnaross 3-10 Boardsmill 6-7


Played in Carnaross - 13/3/2010

Boardsmill on average seemed a physically stronger team and used their size in the first-half to their advantage to lead 3-3 to 1-5 at half-time. Following some half-time sustitutions Carrnaross came to within one point of Boardsmill before giving away a second penalty which turned the game once again in Boardsmill’s favour. Best for Carnaross were Stephen Gillic, Ciaran McDonagh, Frank O'Reilly and Alex Carry.

Carnaross: J Yore, B O’Connor, C Yore, C McDonagh, A Lynch, S Gillic, G Muldoon, A Carry (0-1), C Carpenter (0-1), F O Reilly (2-3), S McEnroe (1-1), D Casserly, M Farrelly, L Ward (0-1), R O’Connor. Subs: J Brogan (0-3) for R O’Connor; J Wyse for D Casserly; L Peate for M Farrelly;



Bru Na Boinne 5-12 Carnaross 4-10



Carnaross were unlucky to lose out to Bru Na Boinne. This young Under-14 team, the majority of which have a couple of years left at this age group have a never say die attitude and never give up no matter how strong the opposition. Carnaross took the lead in the closing stages but were unlucky to concede a goal which gave the initiative back to Bru Na Boinne. Shane McEnroe, Liam Day, Aidan Lynch and Cian O Reilly did well for Carnaross.

Carnaross: C O Reilly, B O Connor, Cian Yore (1-0), C McDonagh, G Muldoon, S Gillic, A Lynch, C Carpenter, A Carry, R O Connor, F O Reilly (2-1), L Ward (0-1), L Day(1-2), J Yore (0-2), S McEnroe(0-3); Subs: J Wyse (0-1) for R O Connor; L Peate for G Muldoon;




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